Will was Retro!

In 2004, Will founded a company called Retro Superbike, which single-handedly kicked of the Retro bike crazy in the US. The bikes were copied by small builders, large builder and the manufacturers, after receiving a huge amount of media coverage.

Starting out in a tiny garage, then moving into a small shop in the back of Zero Gravity’s facility, then moving out into a stand alone shop, Retro SBK flourished.

The bikes Will built while at Retro SBK garnered more than 40 magazine features, were featured in 4 movies, three television shows, and gained him world wide fame as a custom bike builder. Throughout 2009/10 the custom bike requests dwindled and the more common request was if maintenance work could be done for a client, as there was no one in the area that could do so, that was personable, friendly, and knowledgeable, while still being reliable, and able to complete work in a professional manner. 2011 saw the closing of Retro SBK and the opening of MSC in January 2012. Will resigned, but not before setting it up so Retro SBK was left dormant so it can never be revived, or duplicated, a fitting burial to the brand whose output inspired so many, and whose products live on in print and on the road.

These are some pics from the days Will spent heading Retro SBK, and loving every minute of it.

Seen in these pics are –

MV Brutale Custom – Robb Report

“Euro Gixxer” – Robb Report

Tim Allen’s “Full Tilt Boogie” Ducati S4R – Robb Report, MCN, “Crazy on the Outside” (Movie)

Tim Allen’s “Nickle Bike” Harley Softail “Crazy on the Outside” (Movie)

“The Freddie Bike” – Robb Report, Auto by, Cycle World, Motociclismo, Das Motoradd, MCN

“The Rainey Bike” – Robb Report, MCN, Cycle World, Sportbike

“Pop’s Yosh Bike” – Robb Report, Cycle World, MCN