Who is MSC?

Who are we? We are passionate Motorcyclists. As mechanics, we take care of your bike as if it was our own. We don’t cut corners, We don’t sell ourselves on being the cheapest out there. Our quality, speed, precision, and care for your motorcycle speak for itself. As motorcycle advocates, We train people in safe, smooth riding skills on the street and track. We are no bullshit, no sales quotas, no commission service writers, and no sales pressure, ever. Our prices are typically competitive with the online retailers, but we do not sell on price. We service thousands of motorcycles each year, at reasonable prices.

You have a lot of choices as to where to bring your Motorbike to be taken care of, with us, you get a group of guys that have chosen to make it our vocation as it is where our passion lies, not because its a job.

Although we focus on routine service, valve adjustments, tires, brakes and performance add-ons like brake lines, chain and sprockets, CARB approved exhausts, and simple upgrades, we are chassis set up EXPERTS. We are the K-Tech Service Center for So-Cal, selling and servicing the BEST suspension components on the planet, having won 15 of the 18 podium spots at the 2015 Isle of Mann. There is no better for the road where we ride, period

Professional people, professional tools, in a professional environment, every time. Our entire goal and focus is to provide you with a level of service and satisfaction that you have never had in the motorcycle industry. We not only strive to set you at ease by having a reliable wrench being turned on your bike, but also by helping provide a rider friendly experience that offers rider coaching, safe group rides, track schools, seminars, and events all geared around improving your experience as a fellow motorcyclist.

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